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Secret "Discover Weekly" Playlist?


Secret "Discover Weekly" Playlist?

I stumbled across a "Discover Weekly" playlist that somehow made its way into my Playlists tab this afternoon. I've been listening to it since then and it's great!
However, the playlist just mysteriously disappeared from all of Spotify now, and after Googling around to find it again, I found this playlist that seems to be "an EMPLOYEES ONLY test" (I'm not an employee). The description looks like:
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.26.42 AM.png
It lists the email, which seems to be a internal Google Group that I can't send emails to.
Luckily I still have all of the songs in my play queue, so I saved them to another personal playlist. However, I'm still curious about this playlist. Was it just a test? Is it planned to be released soon? This feature seems awesome.
Also, here's a feedback form that was linked to in my original Discover Weekly playlist, which has publicly readable responses. It only has 20 reponses so far, so it seems this wasn't widespread. Screenshots are attached.
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 1.08.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 1.08.16 AM.png
51 Replies

Besides other things like your recent listening history (see the official announcement thread) it also depends on your location. Rumour has it that the rollout for everyone will start next week.

Where is my Discover Weekly list? Never seen one in my account and seems that all my friends have it. What is the problem with this?

It's the best feature of Spotify. Really great mix of music!!

It sounds great! Wish it pops for my account soon too.

I love Discover Weeky!!!! Seriously I feel like these are all of my very favorite songs! Is it one person who makes this or a group of people who compile the weekly list? 

It's likely an algorithm. The more you browse, listen, star, follow, etc. the more Spotify learns about what you like.  Each song, artist, etc. are tagged with data.  Bon Iver might fall into "folk" and "indie" (along with any number of other tags), so the more you listen to those tags, the better Spotify can say that you like that.


Spotify takes those learnings about what you tend to like, and they build a playlist of like songs.  There's probably some rules around songs you've never heard vs songs you've listened to, etc. that filter what gets put in there.

The algorithm(s) probably cost millions of pounds!


About a year ago Spotify bought a company called The Echo Nest who provide "music intelligence"....


Discover Weekly is likely a result of this (hopefully much more to come!)





jl487 schrieb:

I love Discover Weeky!!!! Seriously I feel like these are all of my very favorite songs! Is it one person who makes this or a group of people who compile the weekly list? 


It has to be automated, because each Spotify user gets his own personal Discover Weekly (if he finally gets it, that is). 😉


Here are some articles with Matthew Ogle, former employee, who is behind this new feature:


I wonder where's my Discover Weekly list.... Never had that feature yet.

I love Discover Weekly, I don't think there's been a single track on there that I haven't liked since I noticed it back in July - even those artists I've never heard before are so in tune with my tastes it's scary. I wish there was a way of browsing old ones, I've saved those that I've heard to new playlists but missed one when I was away (plus any before I noticed it was there).

Bring it Back!!!!!


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