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Select All (Command + A) does not work to copy multiple songs on playlist

Select All (Command + A) does not work to copy multiple songs on playlist

Premium Plan


MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6


My Question or Issue

I would like to combine playlists. I have read I can use the "Command + a" function to select all the songs in one playlist, copy them, and then paste them all into another playlist.  However, nothing happens when I am in the old playlist and press "command + a".  Even if I go into the main Spotify menu, under "Edit" and "Select All", nothing happens

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That used to be the case, you had a lot of features on Spotify for Mac. Like editing the album art for a playlist, sorting on artist name/date added etc. But since the latest update non of that is possible anymore unfortunately. 

Not exactly an "upgrade" for a new version, is it?

Have spoken to 3 different agents now who have given me the stock answer from what their manuals tell them that it should work. Also tried holding command+shift down and using the down arrow too. Nothing works.  For some reason, all these agents are also PC users so no one can try to replicate what I am seeing on my Mac. I am a new user with a basic question.  This shouldn't be so hard. A big company like Spotify should be beta testing its "updates" before rolling them out and keeping their agents' manual updated too.  This is ridiculous. 

I made a new account because I no longer want to have my Facebook tied to Spotify. My previous account has several large playlists I would like to move to my new account without having to select each song individually. However, for some reason it’ll only allow me to select one song at a time on my new account. The strange thing is, when logged into my old account I am able to select multiple songs; it’s just the new account that can’t. Additionally, I noticed I also don’t have the ability to make playlists collaborative, the option is not there on my new account but still is on my old account.  I have tried the following, but none have worked


1) Command A

2) Click the first song, hold Shift and tried both using the down arrow as well as clicking a song below the first song 

3) Click the first song, hold Command, and click another song

4) Going to edit in the tool bar and clicking Select All


Any help is greatly appreciated!



Hey there @user-removed and @KC70,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. We'll be happy to shed some light on the situation.


The reason why you're missing some features that used to be available before, might be because you're on a new desktop experience we're currently testing. Could you send us a screenshot of what the app looks on your end, so we can check it out for you?


Thanks - We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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I am a new Spotify user too (from Napster/Rhapsody). Tried to do the same thing to save myself time selecting each song individually and a lot of repetitive work. What they say you can do on the "Help" section, or what others have been able to do in the past to grab multiple songs at once does not work on their "newest" app, which we got it seems. Save yourself the time of chatting with Agents. Also, the "Make Collaborative" option for your Playlist is available ONLY on the mobile app, not on your desktop app I've found. And another gripe I have with Spotify is apparently you can't clear your queue. You'd have to do it again INDIVIDUALLY. Really dumb and a waste of time. Does Spotify's app designers even listen to music? These seem like really basic asks in a music streaming service.

I've already sent screenshots of the app to your Agents. What a waste of time. If one of your agents maybe even used Apple (I guess Spotify never heard of this technology company?), maybe they could just replicate something as simple as "try to select multiple songs yourself", and see what happens. This way you wouldn't need users to find your problems/shortcomings. You should be paying people like us to be doing your troubleshooting, rather than us paying Spotify $15/mo for "Premium" service.

Good Afternoon,


I don't believe this issue has to do with a new desktop experience as I am logging into both accounts in the same Spotify application. When I login my old account, I can select multiple songs and create collaborative playlists. However when I login my new account in the same Spotify application, I can't select multiple songs using the same keystrokes I just did in my old account, and I can't create collaborative playlists. In addition to that, I just tried the same thing on my Windows computer and had the same results. Please see the pictures below. The image title Spotify Old is showing my ability to select multiple songs in my old account. I then logged out and logged back in using my new account, which is what you will see in the Spotify New image.

Spotify Old .jpg
Spotify New.jpg

If that was really the case, i'm not enjoying been a "beta" tester (without choosing to be), to this "new experience" that strips down basic functions. That's really annoying.

Spotify support team? No response?

Why has this thread gone radio silent from the Spotify team? This is unbelievably bad customer service

Xenia- How about a response or something to ShaunWIck's effort at posting screenshots of the problem as you requested?

I'm having the same issue as well and am very upset over the matter. I want to delete my Facebook but keep Spotify so spent all morning creating a new account and creating new playlists just to find out I cant select all on the new version when my old account allows me to select all! SO FRUSTRATING!!

Bumping this again! Beyond frustrated with how terrible such a large company’s customer service is. You provided a single reply requesting information that I sent back. Then, no response!?! I’ll see if I can find someone of powers email or LinkedIn...

I have the exact same problem.

This is ridiculous. SPOTIFY FIX THIS.........



I have been an advocate for your company for years... But now I can see why a lot of people are leaving you for Apple Music and Amazon....





Ha what a joke...

Did you even read this thread.....

Typical big business answer....

What is going on.

Get the app back to normal....

I need to select multiple songs to ad to a playlist and you can not do this in the new accounts... 


Takes a 2 year old to figure this out.....

Here are the images again to see if this wakes You guys up... Cant belive how long this is taking you to reply....

Spotify Old .jpgSpotify New.jpg

Xenia WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!

Changed from Deezer to Spotify a couple days ago and I'm experiencing the exact same issue, such an easy and basic option and at the same time so annoying and time consuming if it's not there.


The whole MacOS Desktop app just seems to be missing a lot of options:

- No way to follow other people (at least this works in the web-player mode)

- No way to see the number of songs in a playlist

- No way to see who follows you or whom other listeners are following


Also the whole customer service (as it appears here) seems to be pretty bad.


Luckily I'm still in my three trial months, straight back to Deezer if nothing is changed.

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