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Share playlist with family members

Share playlist with family members

Long time premium subscriber here.  I don't understand the social featuers of spotify at all.  I just went to a family plan, and it seems there is no way for me to easily share a playlist I created to my family members.


At best, they could search out my username, search my playlists, find the one, and click follow, but I can't send them things directly?  My son is not on facebook guys -- that option is no good.


Also, the username auto-generated for him makes doing the reverse totally untenable.  His username is some insane string of characters.


My son and I love to share music discoveries -- please give me an easy way for us to share things in the app!  What is the point of followers if a) there's no way to view all your followers and b) there's no way to share to them dirctly?  We're on Mac and iOS.

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