Sharing Directly in Spotify


Sharing Directly in Spotify

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Did Spotify change their sharing ability?


I used to be able to share a song directly with another spotify user within the spotify user interface, no copying links, no third party social access needed.  Now it looks like I can only share via social media or copying the link and seding manually outside of the spotify interface.  For me, this is a much more convoluted way of quickly sharing a song.  I don't want to share to an entire network or have to copy the link and go to another app to send.  I want to share/send one song to one user directly within the product.

This functionality used to exist, it's either been removed or burried somewhere that I can't find.


Anyone else experience this issue or have a solution to send a song directly to anothe spotify user w/o having to use a third party social platform (or copy the link and send 

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Yes, I am as well, but the only possible solution to this is the Spotify code ability if you’re right next to them. Where they can get it directly from you in an instant. Besides that you have to share through message, twitter, and/or link by copy and paste.