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Shuffle is only shuffling first ~100 songs

Shuffle is only shuffling first ~100 songs

When I hit shuffle, the song that starts playing and the queue are made entirely of songs from the first roughly 100 songs of the playlist. On my 2,400 song master playlist, this means it only plays songs from artists beginning with A and B while sorted by artist name. The funny thing is if I sort it based on song title or time added, the shuffle function restricts itself to the first 100 songs by those criteria. This shows there's not a financial motive for preferring certain artists but just a flaw that keeps the shuffle function from working. This problem also happens on other smaller playlists (i.e. 600 songs). I have this problem across different playlists and recent versions of the desktop player. I did not notice this problem before about a month ago (I think, it's hard to remember exactly when). Any ideas on how to fix?

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I've been forced recently to move from Groove to Spotify and noticed immediatly this f****g behavior... Glad to see that this issue arose one year ago...

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