Shuffle repeats songs too often


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Pleased someone has started this thread - this is so annoying - the same tracks repeat over and over during 'shuffle' - is Spotify trying to promote certatin tracks?? Surely this is not fair for paying subscribers!!

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I've sent a message to Spotify telling them to change this, it really sucks, I think we should all do the same, send them a message asking to fix this.

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I am thankful that I'm not the only one who has been frustrated by the shuffle function. I have added new albums to my "starred" playlist over the course of the year or so that I have been a premium account member. That playlist has over 5500 songs on it, yet I continue to hear particular songs on a recurring basis. For instance, I hear the same M83 song almost every time I hit "shuffle". How can this not be solved by setting up a similar algorithm to, say, iTunes?
As a voracious music consumer, I am eager to sample as much new music as I can in my limited listening time. I thought that sampling a song or two from an album would be the best way to identify which artists I wanted to explore further. Instead, I have grown the playlist to a completely unmanageable size and have only heard less than half of all the artists represented.
C'mon, Spotify. I'm no computer scientist, but I cannot comprehend how this isn't easily rectified by a simple programming fix. What's the hold-up?

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I've just come in search of answers after having Spotify play the same song twice in a row - it's done this a few times now! In a playlist with few songs, the same song will play twice in a row with shuffle on.


It has become extremely frustrating and needs to be fixed. The solution is to have Shuffle avoid playing the same song again until the whole playlist has been played - this seems totally logical to me, and I'm baffled as to why this isn't the case.


Spotify need come out with a solution soon.

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Yea, it's super annoying to have a masterfully curated playlist that you would like to shuffle and consistently hear the same tracks OVER AND OVER no matter how many times you try it.  There doesn't seem to be any moderators in this thread.  Perhaps it is a no fix situation.  Every player I have ever used from winamp to my home cd changer has done the same.  Why oh why?!?!?



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Re: Shuffle repeats songs too often

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Same here. I'm on premium, (although I don't think I've used up the 30 day trial).
Day in and day out, 20 songs.

You'd think a spotify employee would have responded by now...

Edit: They're all on Reddit...


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Wow... Spotify Shuffles for you? Shuffle never works for me.

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1,022 songs, same few songs OVER and OVER and OVER.


Spotify, please fix this.


Does anyone have any tricks?

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There is a trick(mentioned before but here it is again) -

Spotify can implement this in their apps EASily. They are just  busy, or lazy, don't see the point or all of the above. 😉

"Hey development team, add One extra button called 'Randomize playlist'.  It randomizes the selected part (or all) of your playlist. Done. No repeats untill all of your playlist is played."


It solves this whole 'making random _more_ random by jumping through hoops'-discussion. because you can change the randomization yourself AFTER randomizing 🙂



There are numerous topics about Spotify's randomized play and that it looks like it favors some songs/artists above others. Maybe they are manipulating it on purpose but in the meanwhile they don't implement this simplest of solutions...


So ... you can do it manually with this trick


1. Create your playlist the old fashion way by adding the songs, albums, etc.


2. Select all of the songs, right click and select “Copy HTTP Link”, then hit “Delete” to clear out the play list.


3. Go here, click inside the text box that says “Enter your text here…”, hit CTRL-A and then CTRL-V.  That should paste your Spotify playlist into the text box.

Full url:


4. Hit the “Random” button a few times.


5. Click inside the same text box then hit CTRL-A followed by CTRL-C.


6. Go back to Spotify, make sure your now-empty playlist is selected, and hit CTRL-V.


7. Voila, randomized playlist.





Edits: added link to randomization discussion from Spotify-devs.

Edits: changed tone of voice.

NOTE: I wrote this message in 2013. The fact that i'm STILL receiving kudos for this message beyond 2016 shows that Spotify is not interested in its users. In all those years a simple randomisation-routine would be simple to implement not?  I left long ago.:(      So sad. 


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This method would be good, albiet inconvenient, were it not for the fact that this won't work for mobile devices 😕