Shuffle repeats songs too often


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This method would be good, albiet inconvenient, were it not for the fact that this won't work for mobile devices 😕


If the spotifyapp has one extra button 'Randomize playlist'  it would work on mobiles too. And it is a programmingjob done in one hour. Take it from someone who is randomizing lists since 1984 (in GW-Basic 🙂 )


For spotify devvers: 😛

Re: Shuffle repeats songs too often


I've been trying to work this out myself and it seems to me that, from my experience, shuffling a playlist will be fine so long as I don't do anything to disrupt the playlist itself during this time. Pausing playback seems to be ok, I've checked the play queue and everything remains as before. However, if i were to delete a tune from the list or move a tune to a different position in the main list (both things that I tend to do) during playback the shuffled queue gets completely reset. This can and does result in some tunes being played again, often identical sequences of tunes get repeated.


Spotify need to give the user more control over how the shuffle works. I'd like to see options for:


1. Prioritisation given to recently added tracks, whereby the likelihood that new tunes would play early on is increased.


2. The ability to turn on some sort of "don't repeat song until whole list has played" feature that remembers what you listened to last time.


3. Play only selected tracks, whereby a I could highlight a number of tunes and those would be shuffled into the immediate queue.



All of these should be incorporated into mobile apps aswell as desktop app.

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Re: Shuffle repeats songs too often

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First, read the post two above mine (it's not organizing my reply as a response to the one above).

Thanks, this was very helpful (although unnecessasry if Spotify would just fix it themselves). One thing I would point out is not to delete the original playlist, but to start a new one. You don't want to delete and have your computer crash or something and lose all that work putting it together.



Re: Shuffle repeats songs too often


This unacceptable as shuffle is basic functionality  which should not be hard to implement and also the fact I pay spotify a monthly fee to use the service.

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Never had a problem with shuffle, just checked the queue and everything looks good. I have 2400 songs in my current playlist and 3200 songs overall so that might have something to do with it. My repeat is turned off though I do believe that it's purpose is to repeat the entire playlist and considering I don't think that I have any playlists short enough to be repeated in a day, I don't think that I have ever or will ever use it.

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Re: Shuffle repeats songs too often


Having Repeat On or Off makes no difference for my Spotify will frequently repeat songs either way. However, I think that the size of the playlist might in fact be inversely proportional to the likelihood of repeating the same song twice in a relatively short amount of time.

Re: Shuffle repeats songs too often


Just checking in to keep this thread going.  Same problem for me and with no fix in sight apparently.  This is really debiliating as I love listening on shuffle and do most of my listening that way.  However, what's the point?  I just hear the same songs over and over again.  Why even make playlists? 


How can they continually ignore this?

Re: Shuffle repeats songs too often


I'm waiting for a solution as well.


In the meantime I use instead of the Shuffle-button.

Not the best solution, but what to do??

Re: Shuffle repeats songs too often

Just read this thread and its shocking nothing has been done yet. We all pay for this don't we?! Surely it's a basic function. Is here no one from spotify who can do something's about this?

Re: Shuffle repeats songs too often


This is absolutely true for me, hardly any real randomisation and same songs getting repeated often.


But the real frustrating thing is that despite the amount of people being concerned by this bug no one has ever replied to this thread; and there are several premium-users like myself, who would love to see some support.