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i can't believe that this is still a thing... i love spotify otherwise, but this sucks. i understand the idea of popular tracks being played more often for the sake of marketing kinda like an ad when using it for free, but i PAY to use it. this is dumbfounding.

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Yep, drives me nuts and makes me think about other solutions.

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This is a huge issue!


I have playlists with over a 3000 songs. Why? Becaus I in addition to seperate playlists have one where I put all the songs I really like. The foremerly starred playlist. I spend hours listening to that list every day. I've gradually built it throughout the years and love it.

Still, on shuffle, I get around the same 40-70 songs thrown at me again and again. This is extremely frustrating and provoking. I used to have premium but this was the main reason why I dropped out. 


Make no mistake, this is not a random error or an issue they've just failed to address. This is a deliberately manipulation of our playlist. I futhermore suspect that songs that are on the harddisk and not on spotify are less likely to be chosen, so they can advertise. Randomising which songs that will be played is easy, but spotify's system for dealing out these hits are undobtly quite intricate and motivated by personal gain. And it's the users that pay the price.

A music player that tryes to go behind my back and chose my music for me is against all my principles, and definately not what I look for in such a software. Pity, I really like the ability to explore unfamiliar artists, when I feel like it. Guess grooveshark will be my app for that then. 

Get your s**t together spotify. Let us freely play or own music!

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+1 on this problem.


Current Playlist is 1200 songs, and i seem to be hearing the same 100 over and over, while others never get played.


Is there a way to show "number of times song played" like in iTunes?



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This problem has been all over this forum since years (2012). It was never fixed by Spotify, not for paying (premium) nor non-paying customers. Spotify simply ignores this issue, it's really frustrating. There must be some commercial motive in this, otherwise it would have simply been solved years ago.
Hear hear Spotify, when are you going to move, and listen to millions of your frustrated customers?

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Me too. What alternatives do we have for Spotify? Eventually They will really lose a lot of users on this everlasting never fixed problem.

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Spotify did bring in some changes to how shuffle works, that should have improved it - does make me wonder is there another bug at play here:

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What I have found is that when Spotify plays a certain artist/album from my playlist; it is often the same song(s). For example, my main playlist is 2,789 songs long. Now, almost every time Spotify plays a track from "Revolution/Revolucion" by Ill Nino, it is "No Murder". Some artists/albums don't have this issue, and most of my music on the playlist is on the hard drive and not streaming. It is a bit odd that this happens, but not exactly service breaking for me. It's just irksome.

It seems to me that over the long haul, some tracks turn up a lot more often than others. Whether this is due to my own perceptions of randomness, I'm not sure.

P.S. This is my first post on the forum so I apologise if it is the wrong format.

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According to Lukáš Poláček from Spotify The main problem of songs repeating is due to a bug that causes the randomization to unpromptedly start over.


In a reply to one of the comments in the link above Lukáš writes the following:


"Only 50 songs are displayed in the Play Queue, but the whole playlist of 3000 songs is shuffled (but not shown at the moment). The problem is that sometimes the queue gets reshuffled for no good reason (that's a bug) and then you can hear songs multiple times. We'll try to fix this."


Personally I'm bothered by this problem on my phone and computer, but it is not an issue on the Sonos-Spotify client due to the sonos inabillity to retrieve playlists in realtime. for an added song to be played the list nead to be manually reloaded..

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@Stranger wrote:

There is a trick(mentioned before but here it is again) -

Spotify can implement this in their apps EASily. They are just lazy, busy, or ignorant or all of the above. 😉

"Hey development team, add One extra button called 'Randomize playlist'.  It randomizes the selected part (or all) of your playlist. Done. No repeats untill all of your playlist is played."


You can do it manually with this trick


1. Create your playlist the old fashion way by adding the songs, albums, etc.


2. Select all of the songs, right click and select “Copy HTTP Link”, then hit “Delete” to clear out the play list.


3. Go here, click inside the text box that says “Enter your text here…”, hit CTRL-A and then CTRL-V.  That should paste your Spotify playlist into the text box.

Full url:


4. Hit the “Random” button a few times.


5. Click inside the same text box then hit CTRL-A followed by CTRL-C.


6. Go back to Spotify, make sure your now-empty playlist is selected, and hit CTRL-V.


7. Voila, randomized playlist.


Thanks for that; works a treat. It's a process we shouldn't have to go through, but given the latest terrible update to the UI and spotify's abismal non response, it seems par for the course.


As mentioned by someone else, I create a new temporary Playlist rather than delete and replace the contents of the original one.