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Slow and sometimes not playing on Mac/iPad/iPhone every evening

Slow and sometimes not playing on Mac/iPad/iPhone every evening

Hi All !


Since using Spotify (premium) I do have the problem that the system is very slow (searching, discovering new songs and even playing some songs which are not stored in offline playlists - these songs stop sometimes for several seconds before they continue) in evening hours starting from around 6pm until midnight on all my systems (Mac, iPad, iPhone). I am sure it has nothing to do with my ISP (in Germany) or router as I have tried it in Wifi (with a 50Mbit line) and through my LTE (100Mbit - of course without going through my router) both without any data limitations and different providers.


I have tested the speed of my ISP at these times and it is still always above 30Mbit for LTE and DSL. Youtube in HD is working perfect as is the Apple TV etc. I only have problems with Spotify.


During the remaining time of the day everything works perfect with normal speed.


I have the strong feeling that Spotify servers can't handle to high number of users/requests in peak evening hours. And by the way: same problem occured for example during christmas holidays during day time.


Is someone at Spotify looking into this ? There seem to be many users in these forums complaining about slow Spotify servers.



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The number of reports we get about slowdowns at peak times here on the community is pretty small, much smaller than what would be expected if a mass slowdown was happening (you should see how many reports come in when the service goes down even for 5 minutes!).


Would you be able to grab the console output from the Mac client the next time this happens and upload it to and then post the link here? It often has much more detailed error messages which can point to where the issue lies. Interestingly, mobile and desktop run on two completely seperate systems, so its strange for issues to happen on both!

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I have the same problem. I'm thinking stop premium service because I want to use spotify whole day

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