Some shortcuts are missing in the new update

Some shortcuts are missing in the new update


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Since the latest desktop app update (around version, still present in, I'm missing some shortcuts I was using on a daily basis:


cmd+D used to focus on the device switcher, I don't see a replacement for this shortcut.


cmd+[ / cmd+] could be used for navigation like in a web browser, currently there's cmd+shift+left/right arrow, which aren't typical shortcuts for this (in Firefox, for example - they switch tabs, which is a very different feature).


Finally, sometimes I need to press enter more than once to play the currently selected song. I think it's deterministic, but I couldn't narrow down the exact conditions that this happens in.

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Hey @kubukoz, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

Command+D no longer works with the new update. There is a list of keyboard shortcuts available here


I'll be here if you need anything else!

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Yes, I'm aware it doesn't work. Nevertheless, I wanted to point out that removing a shortcut without replacement is feature degradation, and might negatively impact the experience of other users as well. It would be ideal if a similar (or the same) shortcut was added back in a future update. Similarly, the previous shortcuts for navigation were more consistent with the UX of other applications on the macOS platform and will also be missed.


Hey @kubukoz,


It would be best to share your feedback in this thread.


The Desktop app will go through more development in upcoming updates, as the team is collecting data on what features real users need and want to have in the app.


There your feedback will get more attention 🙂


Hope this helps.

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