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Song continues playing but the sound shuts off

Song continues playing but the sound shuts off

Hi!! Yeserday I began to have this problem with Spotify, the song would keep playing but the sound would shut off like mid-song. If I went to an earlier spot in the song it would play, but the sound would drop out again. And if I skip to the next song, the problem continues or there is just no sound at all! I basically have the same issue as this person had,

HOWEVER I did a clean reinstallation of spotify like was reccommended in that^, and it was better for like an hour but now the same problem is back! I know it is not my internet connection because it is fine! Usually if I quit and then restart spotify the problem goes away but then it comes back again after like one or two songs. I have a MacBook Air with OS X 10.10.2. Thank you!! 🙂



2 Replies

I'm having this exact same problem. I figured it was a buffering issue but my internet is running at 20 MBps so I'm not sure what the deal is. I'm getting the sense that this is on Spotify's end.

Ahh okay... Yeah it really stinks!

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