Songs not starting at the beginning of the track

Songs not starting at the beginning of the track


Every once in a while, I'll get to a song where spotify will skip the first 1 or 2 seconds of a song. I can move the seeker all the way to the front, it says it starting at the beginning, but spotify will still skip the first few seconds of the song.  


It's not something dire, but after a while it gets annoying.

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2112 by rush always skips to 15 minutes (21 min song) it's not like the start is silent. Also it's "sepperated" into 7 sections, one song and it always starts half way through 6th part.


I’ve noticed that this will happen sometimes with wireless headphones. Does it do this when you’re playing through your built in speakers?


I have the same problem. This is rediculous! I'm trying to listen to songs and they stop 2 (!!) minutes too early. Next song sometimes starts at around 2 mins in.


I don't want this feature. Make it stop! Make it toggable, whatever it takes. I just want to listen to full songs ffs...


I am experiencing the same problem. I think the first sentence of a song is a very important part of the song, and find it very annoying that it cuts some of it off. Often I manually go to the beginning of the song just to hear what the artist is singing  


I also get this problem, but when I track back to the start of the song with the seek bar, it still doesn't play the first half-to-2-seconds lost, but instead starts at the same jump-in point.

I notice no response from Spotify on this issue, and also that it's been happening for years. As a premium customer I am disappointed.


I highly doubt another input will matter at this point, but this is also happening to me- and it's clear it's not a buffering issue. My playlist will be playing fine, and when it hits a song- it seems to be random at this point- it will 'start' at the 2 second mark, but never actually plays the song.


I've restarted the browser, I've rolled my browser back to an old version, I've restarted my computer, checked my sound drivers, volume levels, everything- this is a Spotify problem, and it's very irritating.


I was having this problem. I have Quad 9AS speakers and have a USB connection with the computer. Quad recommends the Windows audio to be set at 24 bit, 96 000 Hz. Fine for studio quality tracks. However, if a song (from Spotify) is at 16 bit, 44 000Hz I think it might be going through the internal dac before being sent to the Quad external DAC. I set Windows sound  at 16 bit, 44 000Hz and hey presto I can now hear the first chord of A Hard Day's Night. Hope this helps.

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