Songs of the Artist Beck Not Playing


Songs of the Artist Beck Not Playing

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there is something weird going on with the album of the Artist Beck.

From the Album  Guero (second song Que Ondra Guero)

None of his other older albums or remixes at the bottom play. Only the song 'loser' of the album Mellow Gold Plays.

What is going on here? The track are not grayed out.

I did a clean reinstallation and still the same thing .. still can't play the majority of his albums on spotify.

Could you tell me what is going on here or what is wrong?

Help would be appreciated!



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Re: Songs of the Artist Beck Not Playing


Hey @filipvanhoute.


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for reaching out. 


Would you mind sending us the URIs of the tracks/albums which are affected? We'll take a look on our end and see what's happening.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply.

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Re: Songs of the Artist Beck Not Playing

Casual Listener

This solution which someone else provided in another topic by mine, seemed to work!

Weird because I did delete it and delete all the files, but needed this app to make it work!

Since the normal moving to trash method is not working, I suggest downloading this free app cleaner.


When you open up the app, click the search icon and search for Spotify and it will automatically find and delete all files on your computer related to Spotify.


After that, download and reinstall Spotify.


Note: after you reinstall make sure to go into the Spotify settings and redo your preferences.


Let me know how it goes!