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Songs stop playing randomly. Cut in and out. Mac and PC.

Songs stop playing randomly. Cut in and out. Mac and PC.



To start off I have read various posts on this issue but cannot seem to find a resolution anywhere.


I have been using Spotify for quite some time now and have found it to be a very smooth running program which never has any issues on both my PC at home and my iMac at work. (Using Windows 7 on the PC and OSX Lion on the Mac)

Until just recently...  in the last few days I have been having a few issues with playing songs:


For starters when I press the 'play' button to start listening to a song, it does nothing. Only after a very long pause (30 seconds to a minute) then it will start playing. Once the song starts to play it then randomly decides to stop playing, then start playing again after another minute or so.


Doesn't seem to matter what computer I am on, or what Operating System I am using it seems to do the same regardless.

It is definitely not an internet/lag/modem/router issue because I have used spotify while playing games, videos and other streaming things before an has never done this. At work we are less than 200 meters from the internet exchange. Have very fast internet speed yet still has the same issue.


I read something posted somewhere to turn off the "Enable hardware acceleration" but for me this did not change anything. Still have the same issues. Also quitting the program, re-installing and re-opening does but it does nothing. 


Hope you can help, it's a shame because I really enjoy using Spotify and this issue of music constantly cutting in and out when it wants to is very... very frustrating.

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I have exactly this problem. It's beyond control now, and really is resulting in a pretty disappointing experiences on my end. I don't want to cancel my subscription but it may be the only option!

Yep. See this thread.


Nothing official from Spotify yet. Pretty poor.

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