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Sort playlist by artist - make it stick

Sort playlist by artist - make it stick

In a playlist I've created, I can sort the contents of the playlist according to artist by clicking on the header of the Aritist column.  However, as soon as I close the app or even log off/log back on, the sort preference has been lost.  Is there a way to make how I've sorted a playlist "stick"?  I can't seem to find a "save" or "apply" or "keep it this way" button?  Am I doing this wrong?

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You are doing nothing wrong. Wanting a nice enjoyable intelligent UI is certainly a reasonable thing. Having persistent playlist ordering sounds like a good idea. You should check the Spotify Ideas forum. If it's there, show your support in the form of "kudos". For better or worse, it's the only option available today to ask for a better client.


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