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Sound quality after going Premium.

Sound quality after going Premium.






(iMac 2017)

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(macOS High Sierra)


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Hello, I've just upgraded to Premium and I'm having sort of a trouble (I guess). First thing I did was changing the sound quality to the highest. However, I haven't noticed any difference. So, I'm changing the quality back and forth from the lowest to the highest and I can't hear any difference. I'm using headphones which are quite good and that shouldn't be an issue. Also tried different genres of music (mainly tried on classic, which has a lot of details that can be heard, thus a good testing material).  Tried googling and find very few topics that are several years old and do not help at all.

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Hey @KarolisL,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


The streaming quality difference refers to the kbit/s ratio characterizing every option available. Low is equivalent to 24 kbit/s and Very high to 320 kbit/s. How perceivable the difference will depend on the device you're using and on its capacity to reproduce such frequencies.


If you're not sure, do you still experience what you reported after a thorough reinstall of the Spotify app?


Keep us posted. We'll look out for your reply!

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Yes, I completely understand this. However, shouldn't the quality change whenever I change the settings? Just like the sound changes when you choose a different preset in the Equalizer?

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