Sound quality degrades massively over time

Sound quality degrades massively over time






Macbook early 2016)

Operating System

iOS 10.13.5


My Question or Issue:


Hi, I have a sound degrading problem when streaming from the Spotify app on my MacBook. After opening the Spotify App and selecting a playlist to stream, the sound is great. But, over time (say 40mins/1hr), the sound quality degrades dramatically and becomes unlistenable. Heavy distortion mainly, also stutters and 'digital squeaks'.

Spotify App version:


It happens when I stream from my Macbook to my Apple TV and when streaming to a bluetooth speaker too. I dont have this problem when I use Spotify from my iPhone to the same Apple TV or bluetooth speaker, only when using the app on my Macbook.


Stopping the stream doesnt help, only quitting the Spotify app and restarting it works... until another hour or so goes by and I have to do it again . 


Any help greatfully received. Thank you

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