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Spotify doesn't work behind https proxy

Spotify doesn't work behind https proxy

I've updated this morning from 1.0.21 to 1.0.24 (Ubuntu, but the same on OSX El Capitan), and I cannot set https proxy, only http. So, Spotify client could not connect anymore.


WTF guys? Do you test the code you write? I'm paying for a Premium account, not to be a betatester of your broken software.

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+1 This is a major issue, currently paying for a service I can't use. Fix this or lose paying customers. Simple.

Seriously guys?! Downgrading spotify version will fix this but aint nobody got time for this,please fix this !

Downgrading is not officialy supported on certain platforms.


Screenshot 2016-03-14 08.46.09.png

I have the same issue.. can no longer connect behind my work's proxy. I pay for premium, and would like to use the desktop client so i can get the highest quality option (and not kill data on my phone)

Hello Spotify Team

I've installed from an old inst package ( and now it works through https proxy again

Maybe you have an old dowlnoaded package somewhere?

Hope this helps for some of you, //Jojje

My problem was not the proxy. I wrote the Email to login but it's ask for de Username ...

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