Spotify App Takes Complete Control Over Bluetooth Speaker`


Spotify App Takes Complete Control Over Bluetooth Speaker`

Casual Listener

My Spotify App For Mac takes control of my bluetooth speaker such that if I stop playing something in Spotify (with the pause button) and try to play anything else, that other thing will not play over the bluetooth (won't play at all actually, silence.). If I start Spotify playing again then both sources will play over the speaker. Stop Spotify and neither source plays over the speaker. If it is just a short video clip I want to watch I have taken to turning down the volume on the Spotify app all the way but leaving it running. Horrible and annoying workaround which also means I miss part of what I was listening to on Spotify and thus have to figure out where to rewind to. If I am switching sources completely and choosing a different medium I have to shut down my Spotify App and restart my bluetooth device and reconnect to it to get my other source to work. Super, duper, incredibly annoying and frustrating.


This does not happen in the Spotify web player nor in any other desktop app period. Why (how even) is Spotify's desktop app being so bullish with my bluetooth device?