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Spotify Connect Broken: Randomly Pausing (Yamaha AVR, Gramofon, Panasonic, Samsung and others...)

Spotify Connect Broken: Randomly Pausing (Yamaha AVR, Gramofon, Panasonic, Samsung and others...)

Edited 8 May 2018 (original post below).


On ~3rd May Spotify Connect started randomly pausing (in my case on Yamaha hardware) on a range of devices - rendering their Spotify capbility unusuable.


We've since established that this is a problem affecting lots of devices from lots of manufacturers: which all points to something in the Spotify platform itself being at fault.


We do seem to be getting somewhere with recent reports that Spotify support and manufacturers are looking into this....


What you can do right now:

-Continue to tweet Spotify support if you're experiencing this - let them know the scale of the problem.

-Please continue to add updates to this thread.

-Tag your affected device in your post to associate it with this thread.

-Contact your device manufacturer to let them know.


Original post:





For the last few days Spotify connect has started randomly pausing when playing on my Yamaha RX-V483 AV receiver. Firrmware version 1.28 and using Spotify connect from OS X, app version or iOS


Playback on the app itself is fine. The Yamaha unit has a wired LAN connection, and I can observe from the traffic monitor on my router that it just stops streaming audio at random. It has been flawless forever until ~3 May.


On twitter @spotifycares advised me to try logging out and in of all devices, and they also 'reset my offline cache' which didn't help.


Others on twitter seem to be having similar issues, e.g:


The latest response from @spotifycares is that my amplifier 'no longer supports spotify connect'. It's a bit ridiculous if this is the case. I've received no notice from Spotify or Yamaha.


I'd be interested in hearing from other who are experiencing similar problems.

This needs taking up with Spotify/Yamaha if support has been silently dropped!

271 Replies

Same Problem with my Yamaha Rx-s601d. Stops playing very often.


Spotify Connect is completely broken on my Pioneer X-HM82. Started a couple of days ago (presumably since app update) with playback stopping every few minutes when streaming from my iPhone. Music still plays on phone but playback stops on the Pioneer. Now the Spotify app won’t even see the Pioneer on ‘available devices’ trying to use connect, however it’s visible as a device using AirPlay.


This needs sorting!

I would like to chime in with the same issue; since the last app update (i am on iOS 11.3.1) my Yamaha avr (RX-A1070) randomly pauses songs played via Spotify Connect. The avr displays a blank pause screen with no song details (first time i’ve seen this screen).


it looks like an incomplete playlist is sent to the avr (since closing Spotify app completely on the phone would still allow the avr to play the whole list).

OK - Clearly I wasnt up to speed on this issue, specifically Spotify dropping support for a raft of products from various manufacturers. FWIW I think it’s a disgrace. Interestingly I can find no explanation from Spotify as to why this change has been made, just an announcement...


There also seems to be no will from Pioneer or Spotify to remedy the situation.


My question is if I dump Spotify is there another streaming service offering the same ‘connect’ type functionality?

Are they insane or what? All my Yamaha devices (WX-010, WX-030, YSP-1600) are currently sold in store, so they're not discontinued or anything, and they have the Spotify Connect logo on the box, how is that even legal? I would understand if those were ancient speakers, discontinued and everything, but they're not! I guess I'll have to switch to Tidal because it's the only service that has MusicCast integration, but either way I'll drop my premium subscription regardless because that's not the way to treat your paying customers

What is happening? I replied saying my speakers are still recent so it's insane that they're not supporting them and the only way for me to listen to music is to switch to a competing platform and my post has been deleted without notice? Spotify, are you ok?

Many users here own products you won't find on the list of unsupported devices. This list has been published a few months ago. It seems the issue is not specifically related to Yamaha but still my firmware is about 8 months old, it should be working. One or two weeks ago it was fine, and I saw no new announce from Spotify regarding a new list of unsupported devices...

They seem to have added a lot of new devices to their list - my Pioneer Hm82 has for sure not been on on before!

This is some really bad move...hope this is just a mistake

It’s not a specific Yamaha issue. I’ve got the Gramofon streamer it has te same issues. The Gramofon is still on the supported devices list.

Yamaha RX-V581 not on the list, but same issue happening here.  Happen to have an Amazon Fire 4K plugged in to an HDMI port on the Yamaha... have loaded Spotify app and now testing... played three tracks then went silent even though track appears to be playing on the screen...  used Fire remote to skip to next track and it plays...  will keep testing.

Exactly the same issues with my Yamaha RX-A670 (which I bought in February specifically for Spotify connect). It had been working perfectly until Friday when the random pause/freeze issue started. I have downloaded Deezer and Tidal which work fine but have a much inferior UX. I really hope this can be solved soon- it’s beyond annoying!

As Spotify does not seem to be willing giving us support, here some facts I found out:

  • The "Why can’t I use Spotify on my speaker?" seems to have been updated very recently, list of unsupported clients was much smaller in april (see wayback machine)
  • In february some media reported Spotify will remove custom integration from speakers (i.e. standalone apps running on those devices) and roll out Spotify connect instead (which we all seem to use)
  • A few days ago Spotify seems to have changed something on their backend causing erros on a lot of devices from different distributers
  • Playing songs still works using Spotify connect on those devices, just some random pauses occure -> service does not seem to be shut down completely
  • Pioneer (I looked up this vendor as I have a product of them) still lists Spotify Connect as a feature for some affected devices

So what could we do? Most probably ask Spotify using social media in order to get some response as they seem to ignore threads on this site.

As a final consequence I would cancel Spotify Premium and send in my device to Pioneer as I still have warranty and advertised feature is not working.

Same here on a Yamaha RX-V679. Songs stop playing, go back to beginning, then refuse to play.

Pleas fix.

So since Spotify seem to be ignoring this issue  - on twitter @spotifycares are still providing pointless suggestions - e.g. restart device/reinstall app/check their home network...


Should we try and get some of the technology press involved? A bit of coordinated tweeting to Engadget/Gizmodo/Techradar/The Verge, etc... might make Spotify take more notice?


It's pretty ridiculous that Spotify have bricked a premium feature on lots of expensive audio devices and aren't owning up to it. Can we draw some more attention to it!?



i guess you can do that, not to force spotify to react but essentially to warn people that buying such devices right now is not a good idea waiting for spotify official position. 



I always believe in giving an organisation the opportunity to put things right, but in this instance Spotify seem to be unwilling or unable to grasp the extent of the issue, and simply trotting out useles “switch it off and on again” type advice is beginning to grate. 

Just to add I'm also affected on a Yamaha RN602, playing from either an android or ios phone (makes no difference) I'm getting the music pause at random intervals. Sometimes I can play 3 or 4 songs before it stops, sometimes it stops halfway through the first song. It's extremely inconvenient! 

At the moment it works quite normal, was able to play 10-15 songs in a row. Hopefully this will be fixed soon for all users.

I'll try again tomorrow

Still randomly pausing on Yamaha RX-V483 for me 😞

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