Spotify Connect Broken: Randomly Pausing (Yamaha AVR, Gramofon, Panasonic, Samsung and others...)


Spotify Connect Broken: Randomly Pausing (Yamaha AVR, Gramofon, Panasonic, Samsung and others...)

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Edited 8 May 2018 (original post below).


On ~3rd May Spotify Connect started randomly pausing (in my case on Yamaha hardware) on a range of devices - rendering their Spotify capbility unusuable.


We've since established that this is a problem affecting lots of devices from lots of manufacturers: which all points to something in the Spotify platform itself being at fault.


We do seem to be getting somewhere with recent reports that Spotify support and manufacturers are looking into this....


What you can do right now:

-Continue to tweet Spotify support if you're experiencing this - let them know the scale of the problem.

-Please continue to add updates to this thread.

-Tag your affected device in your post to associate it with this thread.

-Contact your device manufacturer to let them know.


Original post:





For the last few days Spotify connect has started randomly pausing when playing on my Yamaha RX-V483 AV receiver. Firrmware version 1.28 and using Spotify connect from OS X, app version or iOS


Playback on the app itself is fine. The Yamaha unit has a wired LAN connection, and I can observe from the traffic monitor on my router that it just stops streaming audio at random. It has been flawless forever until ~3 May.


On twitter @spotifycares advised me to try logging out and in of all devices, and they also 'reset my offline cache' which didn't help.


Others on twitter seem to be having similar issues, e.g:


The latest response from @spotifycares is that my amplifier 'no longer supports spotify connect'. It's a bit ridiculous if this is the case. I've received no notice from Spotify or Yamaha.


I'd be interested in hearing from other who are experiencing similar problems.

This needs taking up with Spotify/Yamaha if support has been silently dropped!

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