Spotify Connect Not Working on Mac Laptop


Spotify Connect Not Working on Mac Laptop


My big speakers at home are connected to my wifi.  So when I'm at home, and I'm using Spotify on my phone, I always hit "devices available" and select my home speakers.  It's great. The music plays through the big speakers.


But I can't do that if i'm using spotify on my Mac laptop at home.  First, the "devices availbe icon" was un-clickable.  So I installed an updated spotify.  Now, when I click the "devices avaialbe icon" it just teaches me how to connect to a device and says "learn more."  I want to seect my home speakers!  What is the issue here?

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Re: Spotify Connect Not Working on Mac Laptop



Have you checked the bluetooth is connected to your speaker via your laptop? If not, that is a likely problem. Or maybe you need to update your spotify to one of the latest versions if you haven't already since every update seems to fix previous problems. Here's the link to the 10.5 and current version of spotify: 


Good luck and have a great day!