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Spotify Connect, synchronisation or both?

Spotify Connect, synchronisation or both?

Hello folks!


I have some strange problem but I can't realy tell where it comes from.

I think it occured since the possibility to switch to the PS4.


1) I removed some tracks from my songs but they are still being played; at least they don't have the "selected" mark.

2) Sometimes after switching from one device to another device, the same songs from the last hour(s) are replayed in the same order and I have to skip all those tracks.


At the moment, I can't give any more precise information.



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  1. Looks like you're having trouble with your Play Queue. When you select an artist's track to play, the rest of the catalogue is automatically added into your Play Queue. When you select a new track, the queue should be replaced with the second artist's catalogue.

  2. Are you listening to local music, because if you are you might have a problem with your connection being dropped after a certain song. That might be the reason why your other device didnt synchronize 'correctly'. That said, there is an idea up in which someone suggested a option to pick up in the middle of a song exactly where it was.
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1) Actually I'm not selecting a track. I start with your music => Songs => shuffle play. Then I stop playing music on device and I am switching to device 2. After some time of loading, the app finds the last played track but after that one, it steps x tracks backwards.


2) Until now I always listened online.


I think, both situations are goint to be solved if your linked suggestion has been fixed.


Have a nice day.

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