Spotify Keeps Adding to Queue


Spotify Keeps Adding to Queue


I am using the most recent version of the app, in Mac OS 10.11.


I haven't used the app recently, and as soon as I launched it yesterday it updated to the latest verison.


Ever since then, it will NEVER FINISH THE QUEUE. As soon as I finish playing my queue, it adds a few hours of tracks from that artist. I could let that play-through, skip through it, or manually fast forward each track to  get to the next one. Eventually it gets through the stuff I did not add to the queue, and then it will readd the same tracks I never selected for all over again!


I have tried reinstalling the app, including wiping it from my system. Changing my password & logging out everywhere. I made a playlist with one track in it thinking if I played that it would overwright the queue (this used to work years ago with this bug) but none of this helped any at all.


This is very frustrating.


I see that Spotify has had this bug occuring on numerous devices and platforms going back a decade. So why don't they fix it?