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Same thing with my Avalon. Didn't have that issue last week and now it pauses itself. Not sure what the problem is. Help!!

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I had this problem on my windows PC, too. It started about two weeks ago. 
It happend at home and it happend at work on both PCs.


The funny thing was, it also started playing by itself, when I went away. And really strange was, that sometimes I had a song playing, I would never choose to hear. I am not sharing my spotify accoutn with anyone else.


I was connected to spotify via facebook. So I checked my facebook account and there it was. My account was used by devices in cities, I have never been. Of course I have disconneced those devices and changed my facebook password. 

So if you might have this problem of suddly pausing music, go and check your facebook account. I don't have this problem anymore.

Re: Spotify Keeps Pausing Randomly - Solution discovered for listening on my Mac


I believe I have the solution... 


Listenting on my Spotify Mac App it too kept cutting off and all attempts to sort (restarting, unplugging headphones etc etc) were not working.


Solution - From Go to App > Preferences > (scroll down page to ) > Local Files. In here switched off all 'Show songs from' options, (iTunes, Downloads, My Music).


So far this has appeared to fix the issue.



Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 15.46.46.jpg

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Sorry doesn't solve this issue

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Im also having the same Problem, and I think its a Spotify-Software related problem, as this is happening to me on all my devices (ios, Win 10, Ubuntu 16.04, OSX Sierra). I already tried logging out all computers connected to the account. Not possible to play for longer than 20 seconds for me. Really annyoing 😞

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that was on my Samsung S6 but I now have the S7 and it works fine

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try this:

- log out of the app and only the app

- create a fake account using another email address

- log out of the app again

- log back into your original account


hope that worked; it worked for me 🙂

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This solution doesn't work for me. After fallow the instructions of quick fix, the problem for me remains in a Huawei P9 with Android 7.0 and EMUI 5.0. 1

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Same here. Happens on Win7, Win10 and Android 7.0 (S7 edge),

Keeps pausing randomly, keeps resuming randomly, keeps changing device randomly (mostly to Spotiamb from another device), keeps changing shuffle mode.

Kinda getting tired of this erratic behaviour.

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This is the same problem I’m having. It constantly pauses my music on my phone even when I’m offline. I don’t understand what it could be but it needs fixing.