Spotify Keeps Pausing Randomly


Re: Spotify Keeps Pausing Randomly


It didn't work >->

Re: Spotify Keeps Pausing Randomly


This issue went away a few years ago, but is now back. I have a new phone, but Android has updated etc. I followed the steps provided in the previous solution, but to no avail. 



Re: Spotify Keeps Pausing Randomly


The silence Is deafening on this thread from Spotify.

Re: Spotify Keeps Pausing Randomly


if your on discord and you see this message it makes your spotify pause after 30 seconds of your mic transmitting then you've found the issue, i thought that if i turned up the sensitivity then it would help and i could listen to spotify, but that's not the case. In order to make your spotify stop pausing i had to completely restart discord. hopefully this might be some peoples issue with it.

Re: Spotify Keeps Pausing Randomly

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Solution does not work. I'm not signed in anywhere but I did this anyway but it didn't work. Spotify just keeps on stopping music in the middle of a song just randomly and the notification bar would not be in notifications so I would have go to the app to start it again. Also Spotify is never online. I have my own data and am constantly connected to wifi but yet Spotify is always offline

Re: Spotify Keeps Pausing Randomly

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Do you also notice any playlists or random songs being added to your
recently played tracks?? Digging into it I found that Spotify has had a lot
of underlying security issues that don’t prevent people from hijacking
accounts. Bottom line is that I haven’t seen their support community
address this and provide a solution yet. Glad my account was shared as part
of a family plan, or else I wouldn’t be paying for the software.


Re: Spotify Keeps Pausing Randomly


Hey folks,


If you're experiencing this issue, first please check @SpotifyStatus and/or the Ongoing Issues board to make sure there isn't a larger issue.


If it's not an ongoing issue, then we'd like to suggest a few things which seem to have worked for other users:


@musicrider27 suggested clicking on 'sign out everywhere' on your account overview page here and then logging back in.


@bombardino16 suggested updating your phone's software.


We would also like to suggest the following:

  • Reinstall the app
  • Restart your device
  • Restart your router
  • Try with different WiFi networks and 3G/4G.
  • Disable Battery and Power saving mode

If that still doesn't solve the issue for you, let us know and we'll look into it.


Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂

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