Spotify Links "open.spotify" don't open in Desktop App OSX/Mac anymore


Re: Spotify Links "open.spotify" don't open in Desktop App OSX/Mac anymore


tl;dr version

"It is an expected behavior of the app now. If it is not working, please perform a clean reinstall using these steps."


After being outraged as everyone else with the answer, I've searched for other solutions in the answers and in Google.


After finding all the most whimsical, creative and complex solutions for this matter, por pure laziness I chose to try the one offered and selected as solution. The answer in it self is scattered  throughout the replies, as the moderator could change his "marked as solved" answer to complete it.


I made a clean reinstall and... voilà!!! IT WORKED!! No add-on, workaround or miraculous solution needed.


Tested in Safari, Edge and Firefox, worked just fine.

Re: Spotify Links "open.spotify" don't open in Desktop App OSX/Mac anymore

Casual Listener

Doesn't work for me (macOS Big Sur/Safari).

For me, this is what happens with all spotify URL's:


- Safari is opening the web app in a new tab

- If I'm logged in to Spotify:

  • playback starts immediately
  • dialog box opens with "Allow this web page to open Spotify?"
  • If I click "Allow", the Spotify desktop app opens and starts playback (again), regardless of the web app already playing.

- However, if I'm not logged in to Spotify in the browser, the same thing happens, just without the wild cacaphony of the same song playing with a 2 sec delay between. I still have to close the browser tab each time.


If this is "expected behavior", then my "expected behavior" is to never use Spotify again.


So please answer this straight:

  1. Is it currently possible to open a Spotify (album, artist or song link, copied from the desktop app) link directly in the Spotify desktop app, while bypassing the web browser player completly (with no "Allow/Deny" prompt and no "double playing")?
  2. If not, are there any current plans to bring back that functionality? For clarification: it used to work that way up until quite recently. 
  3. Is there a (hidden or visible) setting to "Always open in Spotify", to eliminate the invasive, interferring and incredibly annoying Safari "Allow/Deny" prompt, along with the invasive, interferring and incredibly annoying web browser app?

Thanks in advance.




Re: Spotify Links "open.spotify" don't open in Desktop App OSX/Mac anymore


Hey @Atchoo


Thanks for reaching out about this. 


Currently, there's no option to deactivate this "Allow/Deny" prompt. However, there shouldn't be any double playing, so we'd recommend creating a new thread for this specific issue.


Additionally, we don't have any info on that functionality coming back. We really appreciate your feedback regarding this and will make sure to pass it on to the right folks.


We'll be here if anything else comes up. 



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