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Spotify Loudness Inconsistencies on Mac Desktop Client

Spotify Loudness Inconsistencies on Mac Desktop Client



I am a music producer and mixer and found a strange glitch in the loudness of tracks on Spotify when listening on my mac Spotify desktop client.


Essentially, tracks are hitting my meters at very different levels - some are hitting more normally for modern music around 0.1 and 0.0, and then others are hitting way below that - the difference is all over the place. 


For example, for the same artist 'East Love', their song 'Sweet Arizona' hits at 0.0 and their song Firefly hits at -6.7. Listening to the first three songs of NMF right now, Drake's new single 'God's Plan' hit's at -1.9, the Chainsmokers' 'Sick Boy' -3.8, and J Balvin, Jeon, and Annita's 'Machika' is hitting at -6.0. 


This loudness difference is clear to me on both headphones and monitors. I'm routing my computer audio through my Apollo 8 Interface into Logic Pro X and watching the levels. 


Most importantly, this loudness difference between songs is not occurring through the EXACT SAME ROUTING via Spotify Web Player!!! I can see everything hitting at 0.0 as you'd expect when listening via web player. 


Nor is it apparent when listening on mobile devices, though I can't measure that with meters. 



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Also - "set the same volume level for all songs" is enabled - not that the level of fluctuation I'm seeing would be normal if it was unchecked!



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