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Spotify Refuses to Shuffle Play (ALL PLATFORMS)

Spotify Refuses to Shuffle Play (ALL PLATFORMS)

Hi there.


I've had a problem with a couple of my Spotify Playlists recently and I chose not to post about until now because I wanted to do some testing to make sure this problem is not easily solveable.



Two specific playlists of mine on Spotify will not want to shuffle play songs by double clicking the playlist (These two playlists contain the exact same songs but are ordered differently). Nothing will play when doing so. After the problem occurs on one platform (I use Windows, Mac and an iPhone), the same issue will follow over to every single device. As far as I remember, the problem started to occur for the two latest versions of the Windows and iPhone Spotify.



- I have performed a clean re-installation on both my Windows Computer and iPhone times (Not on my Mac since I rarely use it for Spotify). It does fix the problem, but only temporarely. Once the problem occurs again, it will not vanish until another clean re-installation is made on whatever device made the issue start to occur.


- Turning on/off things like Hardware Acceleration and High Quality Streaming makes no change. I've heard some things about these things can make playlist refuse to play, but it does not fix my problem.


- The problem will only occur while Spotify is in Shuffle Mode. If I turn shuffle off, I can double click the playlists and the music will play in order.


- If I don't double click the playlist or press Shuffle Play (iOS), but choose one specific song in the playlist, play it and press the next song button in Shuffle Mode, it will play and shuffle the songs without issues. I don't count this as an acceptable temporary fix since having to manually choose the first song kind of defeats the purpose of ''Playing songs in random order''.


- By going to Offline Mode or disconnecting the device from the internet, everything works fine. This is fine fix for iPhone, but since computers cannot download songs from the Spotify database, I won't be able to play anything on them except the Local Files.


Device Information:

iPhone 6 (iOS 9.2.1)

Spotify Version:


Windows 10 Computer (Acer)

Spotify Version:


OS X El Capitan (Macbook Air)

Spotify Version:


Thanks in advance for trying to help me fix this problem. 🙂



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