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Spotify Running Incredibly slow - And slowing down laptop (Macbook Pro)

Spotify Running Incredibly slow - And slowing down laptop (Macbook Pro)


The spotify desktop app for mac is slowing down my whole laptop (Macbook Pro 13 inch mid 2010)


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

Yesterday my laptop started to run really slow despite the fact the only programmes that were open were Spotify and Safari. Since the last big update I have bee having problems where na matter if you uncheck the auto open box in settings spotify still is open all the time, if you close it it just reopens. I tried closing spotify but then it just got stuck closing, so much so that even the force quit option would not close it. The only way for it to fully close was to hold down the power button on my laptop. I managed get spotify uninstalled (fully uninstalled, all the hidden folders and everything) and restarted my computer again and the speed issues semmed to be gone. So i re-installed the desktop app and everything went back to its slow self. To give you an idea of the issues of speed, I could barely scrol through a small playlist without the music stuttering. 


What I expected to happen

I expected spotify to run as normal, and close when i wanted it to


What actually happened

Spoify would always remain open and kill the speed of my computer


My Operating System

OS X 10.10.2 (14C1514)


My Spotify version

Whatever the latest one is, not sure of the number


My internet provider and country

StudentCom, UK


My username




1 Reply

My internet connection was terribly slow tonight.  I was able to ping my router in 10ms, but it was 1-5 seconds to ping any internet site.  I even restarted my MacBook and it still did it.  Then I killed Spotify processes and it instantly went to normal ping speeds.  I don't know why, but I may not run Spotify on a mac until it is fixed.

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