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Spotify URI Invalid :/

Spotify URI Invalid :/




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Hey when I try to post my playlist link into the playlist exchange I keep receiving an error message saying my URI is invalid?! I have a spotify account linked through my facebook account so maybe thats why I don't have a username to fill in the blank in the URI link. Is there a way to get around this or do I have to create a standalone spotify account with a username? 

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seeing same error

Yes, I'm seeing this to and keen to share a playlist!

Has this been looked at yet??

I have the same problem!

Hello @shaunknows@marioallmeida@Gidyin@srseven and the rest,


Thanks for getting in touch! We're aware of some situations where the URI doesn't get accepted when writing a post in Music Chat.


Could you try to reinstall the app using these instructions? The URI you are supposed to copy and paste into the field, should also contain your username. For example like this:




If this doesn't help, could you try to manually add the username to the URI to see if that helps?


Let us know how it goes.


Have a nice day!

Thanks for the the info Guido, I added my profile details and the playist uploaded. Glad I can start using the exchange again!

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