Spotify app volume control randomly drops


Spotify app volume control randomly drops

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This seems to have just started happening today, but I've been noticing that the volume control on my Spotify desktop app seems to randomly lower without any intervention from myself. Track normalization is disabled (and probably irrelevant here), and my overall system volume doesn't change at all when this happens, nor am I usually even touching my laptop at the time.


If you look at the attached screenshot, you can see which volume control I'm talking about: this is what it looks like after the volume drops.

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 4.52.57 PM.png
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Re: Spotify app volume control randomly drops

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Also, does anyone know how to actually report this as a bug? I see there's an actual bug report forum under Ongoing Issues, but it doesn't seem like you can actually post directly to it. This is still happening and it's pretty frustrating.


Re: Spotify app volume control randomly drops


I'm having the same problem on my laptop (Lenovo X1 Yoga, Windows 10). I've tried both the app you download from the website, and then also the app you get from the web store, same issue. I tried repairing it, resetting it, and reinstalling it. Nothing affects it. Like you, it only affects the Spotify volume slider, my overall volume is not affected.


What I've had to do now is turn my system volume to 100% and leave my Spotify volume at whatever low % it's changing it to. I plug in some headphones so my other notifications and alert sounds don't bother my coworkers since those are still playing at 100% while Spotify is more like 20%.


I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem, but interesting that you have a Mac and I'm on a Windows machine, so the device type doesn't seem to matter. I've also included a screenshot of my About window for the Spotify version.