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Spotify application crashed as soon as I click Play

Spotify application crashed as soon as I click Play


Spotify started normally but it crashed as soon as I click on Play (everytime)


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. Start Spotify from App folder

2. click on songs under my music

3. click on song and play

4. spotify disappaired without any error message

5. I've tried to restart my Macbook and same probelm every time

6. I also tried uninstalled Spotify by deleted folder ~/Library/Caches/com.spotify.Client, 
~/Library/Application Support/Spotify and Spotify App folder

7. reinstalled after removing folders above and same problem



What I expected to happen

expecting song played


What actually happened

app crashed without any error message


My Operating System

(From the Apple menu, select About This Mac)

OS X 10.7.5


My Spotify version


My internet provider and country

Wind Mobile (Canada)


My username



Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?

attached dmp files





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Thank You very much for having this very detailed post it really helps to find issues and fix them. First can you tell me what Mac model you have(Physical Computer e.g. Macbook air, pro and the year) Can you try updating to the latest version of Spotify and of OS X



I have a Macbook 13-inch Late 2007 running OSX 10.7.5 (11G63).


When I was reinstalling Spotify, I saw that the installer was downloading and installed. I was expecting it will download the latest version already. Is it not? Normally, if there is newer version available, I saw message when I start Spotify but I'm not seeing any message at all. Also, I can't find anyway to force a check for updates. Would you give me procedure to do update, please




You have the latest version of Spotify. But what I am saying is to update to the latest version of OS X. You are currently running OS X Lion and you should start by updating to Mountain Lion (10.8) and if that does not work still update to the latest (10.10.3 Yosemite). To install Mountain lion you will need to use an Install disk (Found here Or you can try making your own by yourself.

I can't. My macbook is old model. I'm already running the latest model that it's supported. Any later version after Lion will not run/install on my hardware. Anything else I can do beside update OS?

Try downgrading version of Spotify to an older version. Google older version of Spotify or Spotify for OS X Lion.

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