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Spotify behaviour about bugs

Spotify behaviour about bugs

I'm talking about a specific issue which has already been explained here (the website doesn't allow be to put the link… the topic title is Invisible duplicated album?) but I wanted to say that as a premium member who is paying for a service, the answer given by Spotify about this is not satisfying.
I'm ok with the fact that the ideas and feature requests are not always implemented.
But here we are talking about a real bug, not a new feature, and the Spotify team litteraly agreas with that but also says that they won't fix it !?
So if I understand correctly Spotify is just waiting for the bug to do more noise in the community or on a high-tech news website to fix it ?
Not sure if it is the correct behaviour from a big company like this with a lot of ressources and offering paying services… for me a bug has to be fixed, even if not a lot of users report it.

Think about this Spotify team, please.

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