Spotify cannot load my albums and artists in my Mac desktop app

Spotify cannot load my albums and artists in my Mac desktop app


On my Mac in the Spotify desktop application my albums and artist do not load. I get an error loading albums klick the reload button. Klicking the button reload has no effect. I logged out of the Spotify application and logged in again. This has also no effect. On my iPhone 5 I can see my albums and artists. Does anyone know a solution to this problem? 

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I'm having the same issue but on the PC desktop app - albums and artists load fine on the phone app and web player.


Same thing here with the OSX version.  iOS work fine...


i have the same problem, do you have any solution?


Im on Mac OSX and i have the same thing.  Albums and Artists don't load.  Songs load fine.  I have closed the app and also rebooted my Mac but it still happens.  Playback of tracks is working fine so i have a connection to the internet.  Mobile apps are all working fine.  Spotify please fix.


Recently ran into this again. I had to clear out my spotify cache for albums, songs and artists to render again.


Go to preferences and click 'Show Advanced Settings". At the bottom you should see the location of your Cache. Close down spotify and go ahead and open a terminal and type in "open <cache_location>", if there are any spaces be sure to escape those with "\". For me it was "open /Users/rnreekez/Library/Application\ Support/Spotify/PersistentCache/Storage/".


Since folks are iffy about rm'ing from a terminal that will open up finder to your cache. Just select all the files you see and move them to recycling or delete perm. Do note, this probably blows out your offline music so you'll have to redownload but if you're having this issue you probably couldn't view the data anyway.


3 years later, Spotify still has problems loading album and artist pages. This is just... pathetic. It's a simple AJAX request...


macOS Sierra 10.12.3

Spotify v1.0.55.487.g256699aa


Please fix your desktop application before you lose half your users...


I will be trying the solution that @rnreekez suggested, and I will report back.


Deleting the cache did not work.

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