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Spotify causing cursor flickering across all apps

Spotify causing cursor flickering across all apps

I recent got a Macbook Pro 15" 2017. High Sierra is installed, everything is up to date. Spotify version is Premium account. I noticed a cursor flickering problem which only happens while Spotify macos app is open.


Normally, when you hover over a link for example, cursor is shown as a hand icon(pointer). Then, if you move the mouse away from the link, exactly at the time cursor exits the link div box, cursor is converted to the default arrow icon. Let's call this process "cursor icon transition". In my case when Spotify is open, every cursor icon transition in every app(link cursor->default cursor, default cursor->link cursor, text cursor->default cursor etc.) is flickering. How it should happen normally: icon 1 disappers, icon 2 appears. In my case: icon 1 disappears, icon 2 appears a bit to top left, then it teleports to its correct place.


This is hard to notice, but irritating after you notice it first. The issue affects everything as I mentioned(native apps, chrome, safari, non-electron stuff, everthing), not just Spotify. The issue is most visible for the link cursor icon(pointer) transitions in web browsers. It doesn't happen with any other electron app, it doesn't happen with Spotify web player. Only the spotify macos app causes this.


I didn't see any graphics related setting in Spotify that I can try disabling(like hardware acceleration). Maybe you can suggest me some.

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Hey @Apotheke,


Sorry to hear you are having issues with Spotify!


Have you tried a reinstall of Spotify?


Thanks @Tom_W. Yes, I tried. And also, I tried it on other macs of the same model. All of them show the same behaviour. Flickering starts after opening spotify. If I make a bit of a generalization: it happens for all macbooks with touchbars, it doesn't happen for older macbooks.

Thanks for the info.


I have a Mac with TouchBar but can't seem to reproduce the issue. 


Could you provide me with the following:

  • Exact model (e.g. 2017 15" MacBook Pro w/TouchBar)
  • MacOS Version (10.x.x)
  • Spotify version

Also - could you try resetting the NVRAM


There is something going with the spotify graphics lately. I have had terrible screen flickering when spotify is opened... spotify is the only application that causes this problem... did you guys do something with the refresh rate? it seems like it's running at a different refresh rate than my monitor considering this is what video games look like when you run them below your monitors refresh rating. 


in addition to that i suffer the cursor problems this user describes when i have spotify open and it's extremely laggy to drag it around the screen, very choppy...


really wish you guys would add graphics options in the settings like OP suggests if you're going to tweak stuff.


this problem only started very recently and uninstalling/repairing does not alleviate the problem.


edit: here is my build

 i7-7700k processor

ASUS ROG gtx 1080 ti graphics card

16 gb of DDR4 3200 mhz Corsair Vengeance RAM

250 GB Samsung 960 Evo SSD + 1 TB WD Blue SATA HDD 7200 RPM

Dell 27.0" LED-Lit 1440p 144hz Monitor with G-SYNC



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