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Spotify crashes on startup, despite reinstall

Spotify crashes on startup, despite reinstall


since today (suddenly), I experience massive problems with the Spotify app on my Mac. When I clicked the icon inside the Dock, it jumps once, the black spotify window appears for 0,5s and then Spotify crashes. I tried rebooting the Macbook: still the same problem. I tried reinstalling Spotify: The installer downloads the app, starts installing it, but Spotify crashes, when the installer tries to open it after the installation.


What should I do? I need my daily portion of music! 🙂 


Plan: Premium

Country: Belgium

Device: Macbook Pro 13" Retina (Mid 2014)

Operating System: macOS Catalina 10.15.5


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Hi there. Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Can you try clean reinstall on the Spotify App? Link:

If that doesn't help you can contact Spotify for your issues. Link:

It redirects to the About Page > Option 3 - Offers the Contact Form and Option 4 - Points folks to @SpotifyCares on Twitter who are happy to help.

Hope this helps.

Hey @lhennen 


Joelman719 is correct. Did you try a clean reinstall? A clean reinstall is different from a normal reinstall because it also cleans up all the leftover app related files for Spotify. Just reinstalling the app will not remove the corrupted files.


Try a clean reinstall of Spotify to see if this fixes the problem:

Advanced method: (requires digging through folders in Finder)

Easy method:
Download this free Mac app uninstaller. It's super easy. Download button is on the right side. Do not click on any ads on the website.

When you open up the app, click the icon in the top right corner to switch to search mode and search for Spotify and it will automatically find and delete all files on your computer related to Spotify.

I use it all the time and it's a really great tool. If you ever decide to uninstall an app, the best way is to use this tool.

After that, download and reinstall Spotify.

Note: after you reinstall make sure to go into the Spotify settings and redo your preferences

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I am unable to open a new issue report, so here i go.

I use MAC OS Mojave 10.14  ( Device: Computer ) and i have   a premium spotify account in Spain.. All was working perfectly for years...but today i can't even open spotify on my mac. I reinstalled it, cleaned the cache in the Library...there is no way to open it. Please can Spotify developpers  fix the problem? Any suggestions?



Hey there @lhennen,


Thank you for reaching out in the Community about this.


We are currently investigating this issue and would appreciate it if you could tell us if the app crashes in Offline mode and whether this happens when you're connected to a different network.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply. If any questions pop up, don't hesitate to reach out again.


Have an awesome day!

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Hello, I'm glad to see that there's a somewhat active community here. This has been a recurring problem for me now and what fixed it was creating a new user on my Mac and installing Spotify there. But earlier today it instacrashed again. Just now i used the uninstall app that was mentioned on this thread, download and installed spotify again, and now it's working. The uninstall method didn't work in the previous user on my mac.


It's very interesting to see you asking whether it was on offline mode or not. 


I am often on offline mode, and i think it was on offline mode this time around when it began instacrashing again. I keep a few playlists downloaded all the time and i disable hardware acceleration.

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