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Spotify desktop keeps auto changing volume level to that of my connected phone (android)

Spotify desktop keeps auto changing volume level to that of my connected phone (android)






Pixel XL

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Android 10


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While listening to music on my Macbook Pro, Spotify will, every so often, dip in volume. The volume it dips to is the volume that is set on my phone.

It took me a while to figure out what was going on. I don't ever have my phone turned all the way up like I do on Spotify desktop (in-app volume).

I don't want to have to turn Spotify offline on my phone either, just to get a better experience on desktop.

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I experience sudden volume drops on my Mac as well. I didn't realise it could be the volume level of my connected phone. It started happening when I connected a bluetooth headset to my Mac. I don't know if it is related. 

I also use a bluetooth headset to listen on my Mac. I can't remember if it only happens when those are on, or if it happens while using my Mac speakers. Will have to give it a test.

Started experiencing this in the past two weeks.


Bluetooth is turned off on my Macbook (PRO, Mojave).


This is super annoying as it happens once an hour for me.

Same problem here. It happend on my PC, laptop, and even on my home mini.

Sometime it mutes the music, sometimes maximum the volume.

It really scared**bleep** out of me when I'm listening to some relaxing music before I fall asleep.

So annoying!!

Same for me, even though I have normalization off in both mobile & desktop. Tried reinstalling spotify (and deleting all caches), but did not work.
Goes automatically to 20% volume all the time

Same thing happening with me over the past 2 weeks, goes to full volume randomly.  Scares the **bleep** out of me, not good!

Same issue, either the OSX desktop or Android client (I believe it's android) system volume is overriding any other instance, and this happens when Spotify helper uses wake on mobile as well.

Essentially the Spotify connect through android is causing havoc on any other place you use Spotify (this includes through Sonos)

Posted about this problem a couple weeks ago (, and had someone point me to this thread just now. Chiming in to say that I'm probably experiencing the same issue, as I have Spotify on my Pixel 3, and the overall system value on my phone is set pretty low, so it does sound like what's going on with everyone else here.

Oh my god I thought this was just me! Soooo annoying!

Also having this problem, i turned off all my notifications so that is not why it continues to happen, i followed the suggestions about normalizing the volume within the app, this did not stop the problem. i made sure my android settings were not the cause???.. in fact i have some songs that i downloaded to my phone last year, those dont drop in volume, i wont pay for premium service when it appears as if Spotify has a bug or i cant get resolution to this ....thanks  

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