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Spotify freezes when I try to login on my Macbook

Spotify freezes when I try to login on my Macbook

I accidentally logged out of my Spotify Premium account from my Macbook about a week ago. 

When I try to log in again it now freezes. I type my email and then my password and hit log in and then the boxes fade and nothing happens. As if it is stuck in the login.


When I click "login with facebook" nothing happens. Doesn't open any internet window.


I've tried to reset my password, it works with other devices.

I've tried to login with my username.

I've reinstalled spotify and my Macbook has the latest updates and OS.


Please help me, it's driving me crazy.

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I'm having the same freeze-on-login issue with the Spottify macOS app.   I've tried resetting the device password and reinstalling the app but the problem persists.


For me, the issue started yeterday when I migrated to a new MacBook Pro using the macOS Migration Assistant.


Follow the steps in this troubleshooting article >>  Reinstall Spotify



I was unable to login to the macOS Spotify app after migrating my local macOS user account to a new computer.  So, I tried creating another user account on my new Mac. From the newly-created user account, I was able to install Spoitify and login normally. This suggested that the problem with Spotify in my exsiting user account had something to do with local user settings.


A search for how to reset spotify macOS led me to this troubleshooting article >>  Reinstall Spotify


For desktop > macOS

  1. Click Spotify in the menu bar then Quit Spotify.
  2. Open Finder then click Go > Library in the menu bar. (You may need to hold the Alt key if Library isn’t visible).
  3. Open Caches and delete the com.spotify.Client folder.
  4. Click the back arrow.
  5. Open Application Support and delete the Spotify folder.
  6. Download and install Spotify.

I followed steps 1 - 5 and was able to log in!

It was not nessarry to download and install Spotify again.

Same here, even after going throught the reinstall process, removing temp folders and such, can't login. Not by facebook, not by account name or email. This is so frustrating. 

Did you try following the six steps I posted above?

I'd recommend a DNS reset to see whether the Spotify app works or not.
Please let me know if you have more question.

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