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Spotify freezing on latest release? Report it here.


Spotify freezing on latest release? Report it here.

Hey everyone,


As we're rolling out a new release of Spotify for desktops - v0.8.4 - we're keen to stay on top of any bugs that may have crept in while we weren't looking. We hate bugs.


So if you're having problems please use the following template to report them in this thread. This will help our top tech boffins investigate the issue. And then we'll be able to whip out the bugspray.


Don't forget to try a reinstall first! So make sure you're on 0.8.4 before reporting this to us (check under Spotify > About Spotify)





When and where the crashing or freezing occurs


OSX Version

eg. Macbook Pro running OS X 10.5.8


Did a reinstall help?



Has anything else helped at all?

eg. turning off gapless playback made it crash less often, etc.


NB: Attach screenshots if possible and you're getting any messages/pop-ups.



Thanks for helping us make Spotify the best it can be.


Update: We pushed a fix to the most recent version of Spotify. So please try redownloading from before reporting any issues.

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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250 Replies

Spotify continues to freeze in the search function even shutting down my ipad has no effect you can search one song then that's it

This topic is for the desktop releases, but I can confirm that this has been raised as an issue on iPad.

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So no fixes yet as at present I just keep shutting it down then you can get into 1 more search & then it seems to freeze again.

I'll chime in here because I have no idea who or where to turn to.


I'm running OSX 10.6.8 at work on a MacBook Pro (6,2) and Spotify is now at


Whenever I scroll through an artist page with a list of albums/songs, there are times where the app would freeze (as if it was loading/rendering the album art) but in most cases when it does this, the entire macbook locks-up/freezes. The cursor, no CMD+TABbing, no force quitting. Nada. But... the macbook still plays music! I have no option but to force shut off and restart the computer.


I will mention, the few times it has been caused due to scrolling in the Spotify window, I have witnessed some weird rendering artifacting at the bottom of the content/album/song list area, like a mix of big/small blocks of pixels (similar to what's going on here: The freezing only occurs when running spotify and mostly when actively scrolling/using it, it also occurs when running minimized, closed-window, or in the background. This has been an issue since the new black ui update (0.9.8) and seriously, no update since then has fixed this issue.


Just for reference, I'm usually running MS Outlook, Adobe Indesign/Photoshop, Spark (an internal messenger app), and the Chrome browser.


I listen to music in fear, people.




immediately after login spotify crashes before I can even see the main spotify window.-


OSX Version

Macbook Air running OS X 10.10 Yosemite (latest update)


Did a reinstall help?



Has anything else helped at all?

Tried reinstalling, deleting cache with no positive effect.




Startup freezes everything - browse, radio, all of it


OSX Version



Did a reinstall help?



Has anything else helped at all?


I use spotify to help me study, but lately it keeps freezing mid song on my PlayStation 3. I have to shut down my ps3 and then it has to do a system recovery to reboot. Spotify also doesn't always load on my ps3 because it says it can't connect. This is very frustrating. My life would be perfect if this was fixed. Please help.

i have been having frequent feeze ups under windows 10 with the latest spotify desktop app.  usually after about 5-10 minutes, the UI completely freezes, although I can pause and play the current track, and the music keeps playing.  Have to close the app and restart it.


I tried everything in this thread with no luck.


What finally seems to have fixed it was disabling hardware acceleration   I haven't had a lock up since.  I have an Nvidia GTX 960 with the latest drivers and dual 1080 monitors.


I don't see freezes like this with any other "app" or program.

On my macbook pro running El Capitain, Spotify frequently freezes when I click playlists right after opening the app. I have tried clearing cache, support files and reinstall spotify with no luck. The only work around so far seems to start spotify when computer is offline, go to playlists and go online again. Hope this will be fixed in future releases, its really annoying. 

Where would that be for Spotify on computer

I was trying to listen to music on my computer, then an ad played. I decided to reload the page and it won't continue the ad. I couldn't play music. I completly turned it off and on, but it still wouldn't work. I need to listen to music. The computer I use is MacBook Air

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