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Spotify intermittently causes wifi to slowdown on my Mac and causes kernel panic

Spotify intermittently causes wifi to slowdown on my Mac and causes kernel panic

Plan: Premium

Country: United States


Device: MacBook Pro 15 inch Early 2019 

Operating System: macOS Big Sur 11.6.4


My Question or Issue

When I use the Spotify Desktop app on Mac, it plays fine for maybe like 30 min and then all of a sudden, my internet stops working. So if I go on Chrome and try going on a website, it'll just get stuck on loading and force quitting the Spotify desktop app seems like the only way to fix it.


I even remember one time, I had a kernel panic happen and in the log file, it said that it was due to Spotify. For some reason, I can't find that log file now but I'll upload it if I do end up finding it.


Edit: I somehow just got another kernel panic while quitting the Spotify Desktop app and in the kernel logs, it says that it was due to Google Drive. So there may perhaps be some interference between the two programs. I have just uploaded the kernel panic file.


I do have another log file attached that may show the cause of the slowdown and crashes. 


I have also tried to uninstall and reinstall spotify completely from scratch by removing all of the spotify associated files from /Library. I did have a setting enabled on the spotify desktop app to set the streaming quality to "very high" but I don't think that should cause my entire computer to crash since I also had "auto adjust quality" enabled.


Also, spotify web player works just fine and I haven't had any issue with it. 


Please let me know what I can do to fix this issue or it may be a bug with the desktop client as I can't use the desktop client with these constant slowdowns.




2 Replies

Any news on this? Got to fix it somehow? I think I'm having a similar issue. Internet on my m1 max MacBook pro stops working randomly after some minutes, closing spotify fixes it. 

I couldn't find any updates/fixes online. This was back when I had my 2019 Intel MBP and I've since upgraded to an M3 Max MBP. I don't know if it's still a problem on the latest macOS and Spotify versions because I don't use Spotify anymore. But when I did, I would just stream with the web player with the Chrome PWA since it was much more stable and still had its own window even though it lacked a lot of features like high quality streaming that's in the desktop native app. 

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