Spotify min window height

Spotify min window height



There is an issue which bothered me for months now. 


I often have spotify up on my second monitor while working. Because it is not the only winow I need to have open beside my main monitor, I try to minimize it as much as I can. The thing is, nearly every and I really mean every application has a minimum height smaller than 1/4 of a normal 1080p monitor. Only spotify decides to have a higher minimum height. 



Screenshot 2019-08-06 at 12.42.19.png

Telegram has a nice height to fit exactly 4 windows on to one montor and spotify destroys it all. 

Screenshot 2019-08-06 at 12.51.12.png

And I don't see any reason to have a min height likes this. The layout of spotify could fit in a window with a smaller height. 

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Hi @TheNoim,


I would suggest submitting this idea to reduce the minimum window size over at the Idea Exchange. There, people will be able to vote on the idea if it's something they'd like to see, too! 


Happy Listening,


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