Spotify on Desktop doesn't see Google Home Mini


Spotify on Desktop doesn't see Google Home Mini







MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016)

Operating System

macOS Mojave v10.14.5


My Question or Issue

I can't connect to my Google Home Mini directly from Spotify on my MacBook.



  • Have you looked to see if this question has already been answered?
  • Are the devices on the same WiFi network?
    • Yup.
  • Is your Spotify app up-to-date?
    • Yup. Re-linked on Google Home Mini. Reinstalled on Mac.
  • Did you try rebooting it?
    • Yup. Rebooted my MacBook and my Google Home Mini.
  • Can you play music from your Google Home Mini on Spotify?
    • Yup.
  • What happens if you start Spotify from your Google Home app or your mobile device?
    • It works and Spotify sees I'm listening to it on my Mini.
    • Screenshot_20190817-111425.png
    • And if I open it up on my MacBook, it sees the Mini.
    • Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 11.16.59 AM.png
  • What happens if you disconnect from your Mini and play on your mobile device?
    • Then on the Spotify Desktop app on my MacBook, Mini disappears
    • Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 11.17.51 AM.png


I'm out of ideas on how to troubleshoot this. Open to other suggestions. Really what I'm looking for is being able to play on my Mini from my MacBook so that I can then control the volume from my MacBook.


It's just strange that it's not showing up even though they're on the same WiFi network.


Any help in advance is appreciated.

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Re: Spotify on Desktop doesn't see Google Home Mini

Same issue here! my iphone app will see the google home mini but my desktop mac osx (catalina) won't!