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Spotify on Mac is shockingly slow and freezes


Spotify on Mac is shockingly slow and freezes

Ive seen a few similar topics from a while back and wondered if Spotify actually ever reads these!!  Is anyone else having same issue?



Spotify freezes alot

Ive cleared my cache several times to rectify but am bored with having to do this.  I dont have to on my windows PC or apple phone - ipad......

Is there any other thing I can do?




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Hey all,


Thanks for all of the info. We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We don't have an exact timeline for a fix.


A few things you can try in the meanwhile:


  1. Reinstall Spotify
  2. Be sure that your SSD drive is below around 80%. This is highly recommended for any SSD drive to function properly
  3. A fresh install of macOS (Don't forget to back-up important files)

We'll be closing replies to this topic for now but we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.


Thanks for your understanding and have a nice day.

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Hey! Have you tried a clean reinstall on your mac?

Ive done a full clean - reinstalled - had spotify themselves give me a test profile to use - another reinstall in safe mode, a full cache clean......


Why I should have to do that I have no idea!  Its like ordering a meal but having to cook it yourself!


Basically the program isnt fit for purpose on Mac.  Its a brand new mac with 700gb of space left and shed loads of memory!!


It shouldnt be this hard to use ultimately.  I didnt have to purchase a cache cleaner for my windows PC or other Apple devices.  Spotify need to get this sorted asap as I know im not the only one.

The app on my Mac is basically unusable. I use the Web player in a separate window now. Not a great solution but it doesn't seem like Spotify is interested in fixing the app. I'm going to start exploring different options soon. There are enough other services that we shouldn't have to put up with this for so long.

Hello! I have the same problem as well on my MacBook Air and iMac. After a clean reinstall i noticed that the startup was not that slow anymore and the hole program and computer reacted faster. Now, about 3 months later, the spotify App on both computers got slower and slower again. My whole computer is not working smooth anymore, if the spotify app is opened. I think it must have something to do with the RAM that is beeing filled while running the app with Gigabytes of data until all other programs are beeing slowed down as well as spotify itself, there are seconds until minutes of waiting after i hit the search button or click on a playlist. I have a 60 Mbit/s internet connection and even if my internet would be slow at that moment, that does not influence my computer speed in other programs. When i close the spotify app, it is not beeing properly closed so i have to force it to quit manually.

I would use the webplayer but it doesnt support Safari!!


Im not changing my web browser to cater for Spotify either.  If they cant deliver to anyone using mac then time to go and use Apple music

Nothing but problems not working...nothing is working. Spotify just hangs up. This **bleep**! I don't know what you did but it was working quite nice a while, but now again**bleep** is unusable again. AND NO...PROBLEM IS NOT IN MY DEVICES

This is  very frustrating. Either Spotify does not care, or maybe Apple is messing with the app because they are big competitors... Indeed, I bet Spotify tries to scan the whole computer music library/files, which may be quite a wrong approch from Spotify. It may happen that by doing so, it tries to scan the iTunes library and here the Apple library may be unresponsive or very slow, possibly on purpose. This is what I would investigate, if I were Spotify. Or they already know this and are powerless?

It is absolute garbage. I just opened it up, it took 4 + minutes before I can actually play music. Truly horrible. 

A complete uninstall (including folders in the Library system folder) and fresh reinstall fixed the infuriating slowness of the Spotify application on my MacBook Pro running macOS High Sierra 10.13.4


Now, the one-minute black-screen-launch takes just a couple seconds. This is good. Before, by the time the app finally launched, I forgot what song I wanted to hear.

Have given up on the app for the mac & uninstalled it. It's unusable being so slow. Not sure if spotify even care seeing as this problem has been ongoing for a while. I use the extention app on chrome when I'm on the computer.

I’d tried this before, a while ago, and it didn’t work but now it’s good. For now anyway!



oops I spoke too soon


it opened up somewhat quickly ONE TIME


back to really slow. it's trash

It's a trash application. Spotify has demonstrated their priorities over the past few years: introduce new features (and bugs) before fixing the user experience and existing bugs. They don't listen to us, and we continue to pay—we're suckers.


It's not an unreasonable position to take as a growing company—there's basically an infinite amount of work to do and only so many developers. And it generally works, until you reach a tipping point, where the application is so painful to use that people actually leave. I have 5+ years of a music catalog built up in Spotify, but I'm almost at that point.


It makes me think that the company is poorly run from a broader, project management perspective. Stupid, seemingly easy-to-fix bugs are introduced and never fixed, even as people complain. The fixes never get prioritized, even if they wouldn't take much effort, because it only effects the user experience/happiness and doesn't directly translate into the all-important bottom line. Eventually, it will effect the bottom line though, as Spotify's reputation/image is damaged. It's a bad look, and makes me think less of the developers at Spotify and the company as a whole.


Yesterday, Spotify was using 60+ GB of memory (!!!). Today, it takes 10+ seconds to switch to the queue or search for a song in a playlist. It takes 5+ seconds after hitting the next button for the song to actually change. Embarassing. (And yes, I know about restarting, clearing my cache, etc.)

Disabling hardware acceleration (Click on Spotify in the top left of your screen then untick the option) fixed the problem for me.

Thanks! This has been driving me nuts. I just tried this and so far so go.

Brilliant! Thank you. You have to update to the latest version first. The
version I was using didn't have this option. Again, thank you.

Only 4 + minutes? More like 40 + for me 😞

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 20.56.39.png

yeah man!!

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