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Spotify randomly closing after song finishes? (Mac)

Spotify randomly closing after song finishes? (Mac)

So recently (after the recent update I think) I've noticed spotify will randomly close after a song finishes. Its not always the same song, or the same number of songs played before it goes but its never more than 5 or 6 before its gone. I don't recieve any notification that its crashed, it just seems to close itself every so often.

I'm using Premium by the way, so its not any unplayable ads causing this.


Anyone got any ideas?

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This is happening with the Windows client too. I'm on Windows 10, all latest updates, latest Spotify and Premium and after a song it will randomly crash. I restart so no dump files to report yet. 

I'm also experiencing the same issues on Mac OS (El Capitan) 10.11.6. With no error messages. However, in Console I do see the following. fyi I'm on Premium as well. All_Messages.jpg

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