Spotify randomly started playing songs at 6am


Spotify randomly started playing songs at 6am







iOS 10


So basically, I always sleep with white noise in the background, most of the time I use youtube to play it because Spotify ones aren't that good, besides the point, anyways so I was peacefully sleeping and suddenly sounds of claps just started coming out of nowhere, I just kept sleeping, then weird scary noise started playing, then something like the b-word, snitch n-word b-word something like that started playing. I was like wth...I looked at my computer and it was YG's album '4 REAL 4 REAL' playing at 6 am. I don't even listen to YG let alone rap music. So naturally, I clicked pause and guess what it started playing again. So I just quit the app on my desktop. Anyone else same problem?


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The same thing is happening to me on my phone - same album and everything! I'll be listening in the car and then it'll just change from my playlist over to this rap album by YG.

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Hey @Jayitaa and @ellinzoejoan,


Thanks for getting in touch!


It sounds like another user might have access to your account. Be sure to change both your Spotify password and your Facebook password (if connected). Then, log out everywhere on your Spotify account page and your Facebook profile.


If this didn't help, or it did but your account has been messed with, take a look at this article. There you'll find additional help :)


Hope this will solve the issue! Let us know how it goes.


Have a nice day.


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