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Spotify social is displaying songs I'm not playing

Spotify social is displaying songs I'm not playing

Plan: Premium

Country: USA


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I have been a premium Spotify user for over 8 years. Over this time, Spotify social has apparently been informing my friends that I have been listening to just one song - the suburbs by the Arcade Fire over and over again. 


I am not listening to the Arcade Fire. Please help!

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The listening to status on the right side displays in real time so that is something you should be able to fix!


Anyone that follows you can see what you’re listening to. I found this article from Spotify regarding a recent fix for the friend feed which might be related.


Since you have been active for so many years I might actually try to log out of all your devices on the web account management page restart and log back in. If that doesn't help I would reinstall Spotify since a fresh version is sure to get rid of the problem. You can find those steps here:


You can also try to follow and unfollow from your friend accounts as a last resort. 



Hope this helps!

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