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Spotify / sonus

Spotify / sonus

HELP! How can I play music direct from the stand alone Spotify ap on my iPad which I love, rather than through the dreadful sonus/Spotify interface etc where there isn't even an album list and you can't see individual song titles etc.  I just want to play direct from Spotify on to my speakers, which happen to be sonus ones:-( - at the moment the only sound I have comes from IPAd which sounds terrible.    I also like Spotify as a stand alone ap as I can 'download' the music to play in the car/on the move where I don't have wifi.  I want to keep all my music in one place - hence using both Spotify and sonus is very confusing as I can never find what I am looking for - I'm not very musical etc - I have mastered the stand alone Spotify ap and love it - just want to play music louder from it!  Any help? Thank you

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