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Spotify takes a long time to load next song.

Spotify takes a long time to load next song.

This is related to the ‘Spotify Pausing On Chromecast Issues’ which the status has been changed to fixed.


It seems like they have fixed the issue of the audio skipping… but now I get the three dot loading animation ( . . . ) whenever I go to the next song. This never happened before so I'm guessing the tech teams fix was to have a song load fully and then start playing before it has a chance to skip.

Sometimes it takes up to 21 seconds before a song will play. Local devices will show the timeline starting while the cast device shows the three dots with no audio. Once audio starts on caste device after three dots, the local device will reset is timeline back to zero as if just starting to play this song.


Happens on all Devices I mentioned in my previous post.


Once again this does not happen on Google play music or YouTube or Netflix while casting, no buffering whatsoever.

I have signed out and uninstalled all Spotify apps and unlinked it from my Google home account. Waited 20 minutes then install on my iPhone and linked to Google home account but does not fix anything. Restarted my router just for good measure but still does it.


Looking forward to some answers.




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