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Spotify won't share what I'm listening to on Facebook.

Spotify won't share what I'm listening to on Facebook.



Whenever I create a playlist or star a song in Spotify it will share on Facebook, but it won't do the same with the songs I listen to. I think it's weird how it shares some stuff but not the listening activity.


I use Spotify on my computer and smartphone. When I'm on Facebook I see other people's listens on the tickbar (that feed looking, always updating sidebar). My Activity Log only shows my new playlists and starred songs. I have already disconnected Facebook from my account and reconnected, deleted the app on Facebook but that doensn't seem to work.


I browsed this community but didn't find a suitable solution for my problem, but as there are many posts I might have missed something. Anyway, any ideas on how to solve this?



4 Replies

How long has this been going on for? Spotify have been having issues with profiles and some social features since yesterday, the team are still working on getting it fixed.

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Since I first signed up, in 2012 😞


Can't share songs on facebook for last week but can via Twitter !😒

Ive had a similar problem, it used to post what i was listneing about a year ago, then i made a couple playlists private and its stopped as expected. Now ive come back to spofity and made everything public, it posts the playlists and says when i add a song to a playlist, but doesnt show what im listening to. help?

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